martes, 25 de junio de 2013

Le Chien et Moi

There are lots of things I miss from Nottingham. For example, one of the prettiest shop ever, "Le Chien et Moi". The treatment is perfect, they're so kind, friendly and helpful. And all the things are disposed in the most exquisite way. I love the smell and all the colours match with the shop. It's a relaxing place where you can find all kinds of treasures and antiques, and also amusing things. It's a beautiful shop with a special feeling, I could spend hours and hours inside it.

I saw the shop from the pavement many times in my way to the Nottingham Language Academy, and I went just a couple of times, but just seeing it from the outside was very nice. The colour they painted the shop is gorgeous, as well as the main door. You can see it here in their website, which is also very cute.

They packed all with lots of love and care. I love the stamp, they have a beautiful logo, and also a beautiful dog, very friendly. I loved when she came to say hello. I was surprised when I saw that they have "Merchant & Mills" products. I bought this fantastic needles, they're very strong, perfect for my cardboard sewing.

And I saw this lovely fabric tape with nature motifs, also amazing. It's perfect for my snail mail packages. I'd use it for everything!

So, if you're in Nottingham or you go for a quick visit, you should come in and say hello to  and say "Hello" to Mulberry (Le Chien).