viernes, 27 de diciembre de 2013

Strange instects like me

I've been a little down for a while. I need to think about what to do with my life while living between two houses, none of them my home. So I feel stuck again, but I'm trying to enjoy my Christmas. As always, there's something positive and it's that I'm not spending that big amount of money in presents as I used to.

Trying to give myself a break and, as a little whim to my traveller soul, I'm going to spend 4 days in London. I'll meet my lovely friend S, who I met in Nottingham, and I'll recharge my happiness for a long time. I can't wait to go there again and listen to the people talking in English, gosh, believe me if I tell you I miss that language like crazy! It's been around 8 months without listening English more than 1 hour. I might die when I listen "fudge" or "tree" or "see ya". By the way, do you know "see ya" sounds like "silla"?? Silla means chair in Spanish and I tell you British say it exactly the same than Spanish. But the English "t" sounds great to me, I want to be boarding right now!!

Well, let's chill out and wait patiently. Do you remember my last strangest animals? Now it's time for insects. I found this orchid mantis in Colossal, it's really impressive. Every day I'm most captivated by nature, I've always been. Since long time ago I think the most perfect funeral for me would be that they leave my body in the forest so the animals, insects and soil could something useful with me.

You can find more other mantis like these if you search floral mantis. I really like them, it makes me think "How the fuck can the nature create the whole world!?!? I love you Mother Nature.

domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

Some music

I've been listening the whole time to Simon & Garfunkel. I try to catch what they say and learn their songs by heart, and some times I do it. And other times I just understand what they do... with two minutes delay, but I'm happy anyway ^ o ^

I wanted to share with you my S&G love. I love them so much! People here just know "The sound of silence" but I think they have many other better songs. They're quite versatile, indeed. I found this song which reminded me another one by Ylvis. Enjoy your Sunday!

sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

Japanese Books

I'm thinking of buying some Japanese books after Christmas if the Three Wise Man don't bring them for me. I found Pomadour24 shop in Etsy and she has thousands of beautiful books. I chose some of my favourite ones to show you. She has so many that you'll find any book you need.

I love to embroider but I'm a beginner, but I'd love to learn more with this book. I'd love to do my own embroided cushions and I love those trees. I think I love big trees thanks to a book from my childhood. I don't remember the title but it was about some monkeys living inside a baobab. What colour would you choose? I'm not sure about this dark red. 

all photos are from Pomadour's Etsy shop

If you like bending paper this is your book. I love that it's not just pretty figures but also useful things like boxes for your presents. Coincidentally I have some new pretty origami papers.

This is something that will help me with my future eraser carving with cutter. I'm really interested in these cut papers. I think there's something popular in Japan, the paper cutting, as I've seen it in some series and animes. I love it because it's easy to keep and it doesn't need much space. You can frame it and change the design every now and then. It looks pretty and fun to do.

That looks impossible to me. I like crocheting, but I'm a begginer again, well, I think I'm a begginer in everything but carving stamps. I love those earring and they must be really light! But it looks really difficult to do (plus it's in Japanese, so you have to guess how to do it by the diagrams).

You won't hear me saying this in Spanish never, but this is so so so damn cute! I'd have this book just for the photos, I don't mind if I'll be able to do that super cute felted animals. But, you, pen pals, will be so happy if I manage to do them, am I wrong? Ho, ho, ho.

miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Stationery Wish List

I know, my notebooks drawer is full and I don't allow myself to get more notebooks for me. But, let me tell you, little girl inside my head, that when I came back from Nottingham I had a gorgeous new notebook and I gave it to a little girl from the hospital where my mum works. And let me tell you one of my notebook inside that drawer is now flying to a new home. So now, I guess there's enough room for another gorgeous special one.

You got me, I'm trying to convince myself to buy one of these notebooks. But... but... I saw these notebooks in Nottingham, and they reminds me how happy and inspired I was there, how many good moment with friends, the first snow in my whole life, the woolen jumpers everyday and everywhere. Did I convince you?
Find it here

Find it here

And, what about this "To Do List"? It's perfect for me, I'm the master of the procrastination, so I'm sure I'll be using that do later check many times.
Find it here

And last but not least (I'm fond of this expression, it sounds much better in English than Spanish) these small notebooks with vinyl case -vinyl case!!!- are perfcect for my future selfgift. Yes I fimally bought the bag , it's the most useful right now.

Find them here and feel free to send me one as a present :)

Conclusion: you can give me anything from boygirlparty and I'll be as happy as the moon. Did you listen, Mr Glass??