martes, 29 de octubre de 2013


I've just realized I didn't talk about London. I went a couple of times and spent just 3 or 4 days there. But I loved it so much. It's an incredible city and I'd like to go again, hopefully we'll spend a weekend soon if I can manage for keeping our low budget.

It was last January when I first saw London, it was not too cold, it didn't rain and I had my camera with me all the time. I was so impressed that I couldn't stop taking pics of everything. I love the details on the buildings and street lights. It's a cliché that "London is expensive", but I didn't expend much. You can just see the free buildings and walking around, eating sandwich and soup and walk everywhere and that's all, ha ha!

Did I ever tell you I have a doors collection? When I see a door I like I take a pic and I have many of them classified by places and dates. In London though, I didn't find many doors for my collection.

I was thinking of paying the 8 pounds for the tickets to visit Sherlock Holmes museum. But, when I saw the HUGE queue outdoors, I changed my mind. We came into the shop, which is also very cute, and I bought a couple of souvenirs and a pen (of course). It was a really comfortable place and I took many many photos.

We went to Minamoto Kitchoan and I bought some delicious Japanese desserts. Gosh, I want to eat them all again. The shop was like a little Japan spot in the city center of London. Quite expensive, but worth it. 

I'll better write some more posts about London, because this one could be enormous! I have so many photos and places I want to share with you. Anyway, the best thing for me and Mr Glass was walking along the Thames. We saw a nicely decorated boat-restaurant called Hispaniola with all the coloured lights on with the London Eye in the background. There were also some lovely benches for you to take a breath watching the beautiful Thames

lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Spanish foodies

When I was in Nottingham , I realized we have really good food in Spain. What I missed the most was jamón serrano, which was something rare because I don't used to eat much jamón when I'm at home.

The other things I missed were basics like chocolate or cookies. In UK I ate really good cookies (my favourite ones were choc chip & hazelnut Maryland), but I missed a lot the Artinata from Spanish brand Artiach.

They are made with wafer and cream, lemon, chocolate, coconut or nougat. I've tried the nougat and lemon, but the cream ones are my favorites!! The lemon ones are good too, but the other's are too sweet for my taste. 

The other thing, the chocolate, could seem silly to you, but here we have a really good brand for a good price. Of course you can find really good chocolate in many places, if you pay the price. But the brand Valor is not expensive and the quality is very very good. With the confectionery is not very good in my opinion, but the chocolate bars are supreme! I always buy the chocolate with milk and almonds. They have many more, without milk, with hazelnut, without sugar... 

I didn't find with milk, so this is puro, which means pure, you'd say dark or black chocolate
For Christmas we eat turrón (nougat), it's really sweet, so I didn't miss it because I don't like it too much. And also... marzipan! How did you guess? But, this marzipan we eat in Christmas is sweeter than the other we eat in "Tots Sants" or "Sant Dionís", so I don't eat too much. Mr Glass favourite turrón is the almond and sugar one, and it's the most tipical here. 

Photo source here
Another sweet (really sweet) that we eat in Christmas at home is Marrón Glacé. It's expensive, but it worths every cent. Well, the ones I buy are expensive, but they're so good that I don't even think of buying a cheaper ones. I think it's the only "super-sweet" thing I love, and it's simple, just a confited chestnut. Last year I saw they also have chestnuts with xocolate and two or three more varieties, but I think the normal one it's sweet enough, and if you add other flavours it wouldn't have that chestnut flavour which I love. In conclusion, if you love chestnuts, you'll love Marrón Glacé.

If you're one of my snail mail friends and you want to try something, just let me know. I'm planning to send an special mail for Christmas (nothing big, don't panic) and I'd like to know if you're interested in trying some Spanish food. Feel free for asking something else if you want anything special.

sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

About bones, bonies and huesitos

Here we don't have a proper Halloween celebration. Just the restaurants, pubs, clubs and such places have a Halloween decoration, but we don't place any carved pumpkin out of the house or children ask for sweets door by door. Young people (not me) usually put their fancy dresses on and go to parties, and shops sell sweets and decorations, but I don't like them at all. It's like a fake and bad imitation of the true celebration. So I don't celebrate it.

In fact, we have our own celebration. Here in Valencia we call it "Tots Sants" (All Saints), and it's about visit the cemetery to honour the family member whom are not with you any longer, and it's on 1st November. That day we eat "ossets de tots sants" (all saints' bonies) and talk about the member we miss and remember how they used to make us laugh, so we laugh again thanks to the memories. On 31st October we also tell scary stories and my grandma used to tell me on that day you can see the spirits of the dead people if you're not a good child.

The "ossets de tots sants" are made by marzipan, pine nuts and sometimes chocolate. I think we eat a lot of marzipan here, well, we have so many almonds, lucky me! Normally, they have the size of a small meatball. And they're really good. I can't wait for eating them, it's something that you can find only when it's "Tots Sants".

Photo source here

But I also like the good and well done Halloween. Well, I love sweets, why don't tell the truth? I'd like to be in Korea right now, just for visiting this monster cafe where they do these amazing cupcakes. And then, immediately teletransport to another place, like Whitney's door, and ask her for sweets.

Photo source here

And talking about bones, do you know this chocolate bar? It's a Spanish one!! For me, it's the best ever and I love it. The name is Huesitos, it means "bonies" and it comes from the surname of the inventor, Hueso. Now you can find them as Cadbury and Milka brand, because the owner sold the factory. I don't eat Huesitos since I was a child, but I'll buy some day again, and I hope they kept the orinigal recipe.

lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

My future future future house

I have opposite feelings about having my very own house. On one hand, I'd love to have my own space, where I can have everything the way I want, and all my comic books and novels into a bookcase with cristal doors. Of course I'd have a lovely cat or a dog, or both, depending where the house is. On the other hand, I don't think I could choose the perfect furniture and stuff for making the space as relaxing and cozy as it's on my mind.

Photo source here

But there's nothing that you can't change! So I've been collecting photos of houses I really love. There's tones of photos of lovely houses, so I just collect the really good ones for me. I think it will be useful when the "big move" arrive. I'm afraid I'll have to wait for such a long time. Well, if I think about it, I'm not sure of wanting a house right now. I mean, I want to travel and it would be good for keeping all my stuff. But this way I don't need to worry about anything but my family when I'm abroad.

Photo source here

I guess, each chapter of your life has its own good things. I'm patient, so I'll wait for discovering every happy moment in life. Meanwhile, I'm daydreaming and wondering how the future will look like. How will be the world around me when I get old? The other day I was thinking that no one had a mobile phone when I was 9. And, when my father was a child it was just one car in his village. Children ran after it for smelling the smoke because it was something new and amazing. When my grandfather was a child there wasn't tv and not everyone could go to school. So, how will it be when I'm a granny?

Photo source here

domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

Where I lived in my previous life

I have the dream of living in Japan. I'm in love with Japan from the distance, to the sadness of my mother. I think I talk about Japan every single day, so, imagine how many times I think of Japan in one day. I like their culture, of course not everything. They seem to be really introverted and shy, while I'm all the opposite. I have the impresion that you may not express your feelings in Japan, and I think this is bad for your health. But, they're respectful, much more quiet than Spanish people, honest and kind. I think the world would be much better if everyone was more respectful. Here you can't left your bike on the street if you don't want it to be stolen (sometimes someone stoles even the wheel) while in Japan it's something unusual.

The best thing about Japan and Japanese culture is that they care about art. Maybe it's just my impression, but in Japan they know appreciate the effort and the different kinds of art. I have also a special thing about miniature art. When I see things like Takahiro Iwasaki's work my heart feels like flying and my soul dance a tango.

Photo source here

Photo source here

I also find incredible Japanese photographers every week. My last discovery was Kawashima Kotori. I love the colours and the atmosphere, it's just so different from here!!

Photo source of both images here

I also follow Minato's flickr since a long time ago. I want to eat everything on her photos. She has such a special sensibility for photography, don't you think?

I'd like to check by myself if they care about animals as much as it looks like. I love how they find something special in many different animals. I think they mother nature is the most brilliant and thoughtful god ever. I do think Japanese culture has this on its backbone. This is shown in the work of Riusuke Fukahori. Don't miss this video about him working. How amazing is it?! If you haven't seen the video, check that those fish are... painted!

I'm going to live in Japan. I don't know how long or when, but I have to do it at some point of my life.

sábado, 12 de octubre de 2013

Sorrounded by imaginary birds

I don't remember how or when I found The Yard, but I love that spot for relax and feel quiet. I like most of the quotes also, and I've been thinking about this one lately. 

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."

I'm trying to apply this to my life, and not just for things. For example for my traveller heart. As I can't travel at the moment, I try to imagine what would I do in other country in that moment. Sometimes I imagine things that I can't do here, but, other times I think "I'd be painting beautiful things because I'd watch something inspiring through the window". So, I look through my window and I see the gorgeous  flower pot with the flower plant that my mother takes care so well. And I paint, maybe it's not as beautiful as I imagined, but, hey, it's getting better each time.

But, if you've got an adventurer and traveller soul like mine, you'll understand this doesn't work always. I feel a little faded sometimes and my inside asks for different air, nature, cold and long long walks somewhere far away. That's why I'm thinking of going to these incredible tree houses. It's not very cheap, but I'm a really thrifty person when I want to. First, I'm trying to convince the mean and worried Mr Glass to go, if he doesn't want I'll go by myself. Don't you think is it worth it?

Photo source here
Photo source here

viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Miquel's cushion

For the first birthday of Miquel I bought some presents like markers and little funny toys. I know, he was too small for playing with all those things, but he still has the markers ^ ^. Throughout the past 3 years they had accumulated many toys, cuddle toys, cars, puzzles and so on. So, for the second birthday I decided not to buy anything and I made a cat cushion. He's always maowing and saying "Me good kitty", so I chose the right animal. It wasn't perfect at all, but he liked it so much and, even a year later, he hugs and kisses the blue cat (and I'm so happy when he does so!).

Last year he has become ocasionally crazy about cushions. When we're in the sofa he puts every single cushion in a row and, when he's done, he says: "That's it, you can sit down". The same when he plays being the daddy and you the baby, he just says: "Me daddy, you baby" and puts a cushion for you to lie down there and cry or poo or ask for the feeding bottle. That's why I decided to make a cushion for every birthday, or at least until he's grown up and asks for play station games or such things.

I decided to do a small one, and not to repeat a mammal animal. And, as I love when he says "WhoooOOOooo, whooOOoo" I made an owl. I don't know how I made it yet... But he liked it too! I gave him the cushion first and he hugged it and forgot about the other presents (my mother's ones).

sábado, 5 de octubre de 2013

A personal list

Last night I was mentally listing 10 of my favourite films, when it came to my mind to do this list. Maybe it was unconsciously inspired by the 10 random facts about Michelle, I love to make lists! I thought, it could be interesting to send this list to another blogger. And this blogger could answer and create another one for another person. It's not necessary to be a blogger, you can just interview who you want and then publish his/her responses. The only "rule" is to keep the structure of the list.

  • 1 thing that disconcerts you: The Moon 
  • 2 things you don't like about your family: they're (very) noisy and untidy 
  • 3 parts of your body you like: my eyes, my hair and my boobs (you see, I'm honest!)
  • 4 animals you like the most: the narwhal, the shire horse, the beagle and the weimaraner.
  • 5 daily objects you would like not to use: glasses, tissues, watch, batteries and light.
  • 6 people who inspires you: my grandma Matilde, my nephew, my brother, my sister-in-law, my boyfriend, 
  • 7 places you would like to visit:
  • 8 books you like: Of Love and Other Demons; Chronicle of a Death Foretold; The Owl Who Didn't Give a Hoot; 1Q84; The Art of Loving; The Eyes of my Brother, Forever; The House of the Spirits; La princesa que creía en los cuentos de hadas (I didn't find this in English, it's something like "The Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales")
  • 9 names of classmates from your childhood: Tamara, Pablo, José Carlos, Ruth, Ignacio, Sara, Sandra, Amanda, Adrián.
  • 10 favourite films: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, Amelie, The Wrestler, Warrior, The English Patient, The Eel, Ghost World, Lost in Translation.
  • 11 names of trees/plants/flowers you like: Weeping Willow, Orchid, Daffodil, Passiflora, Fir tree, Maple, Forget-me-not, Hydrangea, Hyacinth, Almond tree, Echeveria Peacockii
  • 12 favourite food: Cucumber, melon, grilled salmon, smoked salmon, fruit smoothies, soups, chocolate, cherry, pasta salad, dried nuts, chestnuts, beetroot.
Now, I'm asking this list to my friend and one of my favourite bloggers Whit. So, stay tuned to her blog if you want to know more about her!

jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Nature watching

I love animals, any kind of animal, so does my brother and my nephew. It has to be something in our blood. I watched "Birders: the Central Park effect" because Whit recommended it on her blog and I've been looking for birding since then. I was double happy, first, because of the film (which I love love love) and second, because I understood everything without subtitles! Hooray! I tried to do some birding last week when I went to my brother's little paradise. I carried my binoculars, but I couldn't see anything. But my nephew loved to see through them the mountains and the cars at evening, so it was worth it.

We made some birds feeders, but they didn't attract any. So I looked for other kind of living things. If you don't like spiders beware of this huge one! I think it's beautiful. I love the drawing on its... forehead? head? mouth? I don't even know where its eyes are! I think it looks like a crab.

And also some beautiful flowers. My mummy, also known as the flower fairy, is planting beauties everywhere. When the flowers are blooming she always says to me: "Have you taken pics to the flowers for your blog?". I love her.

Have you said today to your mom that you love her?

martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

About two faced virtual beings

First of all let me tell you that I know I can be wrong. I hope to be wrong. But I wanted to talk about this because it looks like every friendly post is from a friendly blogger, and it's not. I'm saying that because it's not the first time I send a mail and I get no answer. And I'm talking about asking permission  for using photos or asking to illustrators if they want to work on my book. I can understand sometimes they don't check regulary their email, or it could be that my mail went directly to the spam box. But when even the the mailbox server is the same and you see they're updating and clearly online, it makes me feel dissapointed. Why do they have a "Please ask me if you want to use any of my photos"? In any case, it's wors for them because I'm not linking them.

I hope you didn't have many of those experiences. I know some blogs have a huge amount of readers, and maybe they have a sick quantity of incoming mails (that's why I always wait one month for the answer). But it makes a huge difference when you're reading a blog and you know that person didn't answer your question or didn't say you a word about using one of his/her photos. Suddenly you read everything thinking "well, you may think you're very kind for saying you love all your readers and so on, but it's not that true...". I try not to be rough on them, but I can't help it. I keep reading them, because I like their job, but I know they aren't as friendly as I though.

Maybe it's my problem because I though them to be nicer or better than they really are, or I idealised them. After all, I don't know them, I just know what they write about. But I'm an honest blogger and those are my feelings. I'm grateful that I made some good friends, and I know they're truthful. With them the virtual distance is not that big.

Anyway, I'm not giving up. I'll send one thousand email to illustrators, but meanwhile I'm learning to draw. Just in case nobody answer.

I'm not down or anything, I just wanted to say to the bloggers who really cares about the readers that you're doing a great job and I love to read all of you! So, for saying something good about all this matter and not ending with a bad feeling, here you have an art piece perfect for this post.

Photo source here