miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Carve a stamp and be happy!

I have some news in my life. I went to London, it was just for four days but I had so much fun and enjoyed every minute there. I keep thinking UK would be a perfect place for me to live in. 

I wish I can live there some day. Meanwhile I'm carving like crazy and, hopefully, if I have enough students I'll be doing my first carving stamp workshop on 8th February. I have everything ready as I tried to do it in January, but I didn't have students, so let's try again. In order to get known by more people I created a Facebook page where you can see also almost all the stamps I do.

This pair of stamps are from Geninne's book, it's a must have! I love her work and her templates are so beautiful. So, my beloved penpals, you're going to be happy!!