lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2013

Wish list

I have many wish lists. I keep every link of everything I like on my computer. I also write down things that I don't know if they're invented, but I'd like to have. Sometimes I feel like I'm stupid for doing this because I'll always find something special I like for a present or for having it at my future future future home. Another times I think: "after all, things are not so important", but I keep doing it.

Now I think it's just like keeping beuatiful photos from around the civer world. After all, those things I have saved from oblivion are beautiful things. And I love like crazy the "useful-art", as I describe to myself. They're inspiring things. Things which, when I see them, encourage me for being a better person, for taking care of the nature, for being an artist. They also remember me there's always something beautiful in life.

After all this bore, you should think I've got a lot of stuff saved. You're completely right. That's why I'll only show you a couple of thing, he he he. The first one is one of my fave artist. I LOVE the fox, is like a dream!
You can buy it here for 45€. It's quite big, so I think it's a fair price.

Photo source here
And, talking about Lady Desidia, I have also this, this and this in my wish list. My actual notebook of memories is almost full, so this will be the next one (this notebook is already into my desk).

And tones of things from UGUiSU. If I had to choose one of all she has, I think it'll be this gorgeous stamp or one of the amazing furoshiki.

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  1. Such wonderful and lovely things! I also love to bookmark beautiful things I might get for our home some day. :) It's not only about really getting them, more the inspiration you get from it. :)