viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Miquel's cushion

For the first birthday of Miquel I bought some presents like markers and little funny toys. I know, he was too small for playing with all those things, but he still has the markers ^ ^. Throughout the past 3 years they had accumulated many toys, cuddle toys, cars, puzzles and so on. So, for the second birthday I decided not to buy anything and I made a cat cushion. He's always maowing and saying "Me good kitty", so I chose the right animal. It wasn't perfect at all, but he liked it so much and, even a year later, he hugs and kisses the blue cat (and I'm so happy when he does so!).

Last year he has become ocasionally crazy about cushions. When we're in the sofa he puts every single cushion in a row and, when he's done, he says: "That's it, you can sit down". The same when he plays being the daddy and you the baby, he just says: "Me daddy, you baby" and puts a cushion for you to lie down there and cry or poo or ask for the feeding bottle. That's why I decided to make a cushion for every birthday, or at least until he's grown up and asks for play station games or such things.

I decided to do a small one, and not to repeat a mammal animal. And, as I love when he says "WhoooOOOooo, whooOOoo" I made an owl. I don't know how I made it yet... But he liked it too! I gave him the cushion first and he hugged it and forgot about the other presents (my mother's ones).

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  1. Ohhhh, soooo cute!!! :D :D Self-made gifts are indeed the best. :D