sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

Books for falling in love

Did you know that I love comic books? Despite of it, I just have Demeter, Ghost World and all the Blacksad  volumes. I saw a Blacksad cartoon for the first time in my Spanish book in secondary school. I don't remember if it was the same year, but for the Book Day they did a kind of exhibition of book and comic books. And there it was, Blacksad. Since then, for almost 10 years, I've been re-reading every volume and waiting patiently for the next one. This year I'll have the 5th volume for the Three Wise Man day.

If you read me for a long you already know I'm in love with beautiful illustrations. I'm going to add this book on my letter for the Three Wise Man. Well, I also like this other. Don't you want to have a bookcase plenty of beatiful books? I'd drink my tea througout the year while reading and enjoying books like this.

I've been looking for a beautiful bird book, but they're so ugly and there's no magic emerging from them. I knew I wouldn't find something as pretty as Whitney's book (by the way, the film that she recommends is incredible, I enjoyed it so much. The reality is I couldn't find even one book about birds from my place. I saw they have great birding books in Waterstones, where I used to go when I was in UK. Conclusion: I have to move to other country.

After the fiasco  with my birding book, I found this. It's truly amazing how nature can create artwork pieces. Too expensive for me now, but maybe one day I'll be looking inside it with fear (remember my phobia about worms?) and admiration.

And the third book I'd add to my wish list is this one. I couldn't find it in English, the title is La pregunta del elefante (The Elephant's Question). Its question is "How can you know if you love someone?". So it's a beautiful book about love with beautiful illustrations. I always like books about different kinds of love and different ways to show it. 

This is getting long, so, the last one -for now- will be a children's book. I think I love children's books so much because my parents didn't get me good ones. I just remember two books from my childhood that I'm fond of. But my parents didn't keep any of them. One is Little Tiger, get well soon, I prefer the title in Spanish, it says "I'll take care of you, said the Little Bear". I always read it when I'm ill (and watch Ponyo) I'm trying to get all Janosch books, he's one of my favourite artists and his world is amazing. Sadly I don't remember the name of the other book. I tried to find it because I remember the story and the main character, but nothing.

I think it's enough for one day. What would you prefer for the next book wish list? I have craft books, Japanese craft books or more and more children's books. Oh, there's not novels because it could be eternal, but my ever favourite author is Gabriel García Márquez.

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  1. Hihi, I love the last book!! :) Childhood memories...:)

    1. It's amazing. My fave part is the doctor's advice, hehehe!