viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Artisan Biscuits stamp

As I told you in my last post, I've been quite bored and disappointed with myself lately. That's why I tried to do artful/carft/insiping/happy thing, as carving eraser stamps. I don't know what happens to me when I'm carving, but it's a balm to me. It healths my stress, my sadness and my bad feelings. I guess it's my zen moment, I'd prefer a zen moment with deers, sorrounded by nature, like Whit. But, hey, this is also good.

You can guess I miss having my own apartment and, of course, I miss England. Everyone says Spain is so good, but in Valencia is too hot for me, and people is too noisy. Since I've got a really pale skin, from I was little, the 80% of people is telling me all the time "You should go to the beach" or "Are you angry with the Sun?". And every single time, when I was a teenager, I explained I suffer of dermatitis and I can't sunbathing as they do. After years of having the same conversations over and over I learnt to just smile and say "Hehe, yes", whatever the question is. Why am I telling you all this? Because that's why I'm looking my Notthingham memories almost every day. I kept the boxes of Artisan Biscuits, which I used to eat in my tiny apartment with my hot cup of tea. Oh, I guess I also miss winter (my favourite season ever). 

I decided to make a two parts stamp for adding some colours to the flowers. All my pen pals will have new stamped goodies from now, as I'm carving as crazy! Tell me, do you feel the same while carving?

6 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful Blanca! You are very talented ;)

  2. The stamp is soooo beautiful! I love tea pots and the cherry tree is so pretty. :D
    I love caving too. It makes me so calm and relaxing. :D

  3. Ah, by the way I'm ready with your swap package and hope to send it tomorrow to you! :D

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to opening your next letter ^ ^

  4. Thanks!! I think you all know what will you receive on your next letters, hi hi hi ^ o ^