domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Jacques Cousteau

After talking about David Attenborough and the incredible animals I've discovered thanks to him, I remembered my first "contact" with sea life. It was Jacques Cousteau and his comfy wool hat. I love people who is passionate with their jobs, because it means they've fought for doing in life what they want to do. They had a dream and they made it. 

Photo source here
I love watching sea life documentaries, but I'd never go diving. I'm scared of sea, I don't like the feeling of not knowing what you have under your feet, I don't like the sea salt into my eyes, but I do like all the creatures, myths and colours down there. Don't you wonder what kind of gigantic creatures can live into the deepest profundities of the sea? How large can it be a squid? What the narwhals use their tooth for?

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