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About bones, bonies and huesitos

Here we don't have a proper Halloween celebration. Just the restaurants, pubs, clubs and such places have a Halloween decoration, but we don't place any carved pumpkin out of the house or children ask for sweets door by door. Young people (not me) usually put their fancy dresses on and go to parties, and shops sell sweets and decorations, but I don't like them at all. It's like a fake and bad imitation of the true celebration. So I don't celebrate it.

In fact, we have our own celebration. Here in Valencia we call it "Tots Sants" (All Saints), and it's about visit the cemetery to honour the family member whom are not with you any longer, and it's on 1st November. That day we eat "ossets de tots sants" (all saints' bonies) and talk about the member we miss and remember how they used to make us laugh, so we laugh again thanks to the memories. On 31st October we also tell scary stories and my grandma used to tell me on that day you can see the spirits of the dead people if you're not a good child.

The "ossets de tots sants" are made by marzipan, pine nuts and sometimes chocolate. I think we eat a lot of marzipan here, well, we have so many almonds, lucky me! Normally, they have the size of a small meatball. And they're really good. I can't wait for eating them, it's something that you can find only when it's "Tots Sants".

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But I also like the good and well done Halloween. Well, I love sweets, why don't tell the truth? I'd like to be in Korea right now, just for visiting this monster cafe where they do these amazing cupcakes. And then, immediately teletransport to another place, like Whitney's door, and ask her for sweets.

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And talking about bones, do you know this chocolate bar? It's a Spanish one!! For me, it's the best ever and I love it. The name is Huesitos, it means "bonies" and it comes from the surname of the inventor, Hueso. Now you can find them as Cadbury and Milka brand, because the owner sold the factory. I don't eat Huesitos since I was a child, but I'll buy some day again, and I hope they kept the orinigal recipe.

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