lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Spanish foodies

When I was in Nottingham , I realized we have really good food in Spain. What I missed the most was jamón serrano, which was something rare because I don't used to eat much jamón when I'm at home.

The other things I missed were basics like chocolate or cookies. In UK I ate really good cookies (my favourite ones were choc chip & hazelnut Maryland), but I missed a lot the Artinata from Spanish brand Artiach.

They are made with wafer and cream, lemon, chocolate, coconut or nougat. I've tried the nougat and lemon, but the cream ones are my favorites!! The lemon ones are good too, but the other's are too sweet for my taste. 

The other thing, the chocolate, could seem silly to you, but here we have a really good brand for a good price. Of course you can find really good chocolate in many places, if you pay the price. But the brand Valor is not expensive and the quality is very very good. With the confectionery is not very good in my opinion, but the chocolate bars are supreme! I always buy the chocolate with milk and almonds. They have many more, without milk, with hazelnut, without sugar... 

I didn't find with milk, so this is puro, which means pure, you'd say dark or black chocolate
For Christmas we eat turrón (nougat), it's really sweet, so I didn't miss it because I don't like it too much. And also... marzipan! How did you guess? But, this marzipan we eat in Christmas is sweeter than the other we eat in "Tots Sants" or "Sant Dionís", so I don't eat too much. Mr Glass favourite turrón is the almond and sugar one, and it's the most tipical here. 

Photo source here
Another sweet (really sweet) that we eat in Christmas at home is Marrón Glacé. It's expensive, but it worths every cent. Well, the ones I buy are expensive, but they're so good that I don't even think of buying a cheaper ones. I think it's the only "super-sweet" thing I love, and it's simple, just a confited chestnut. Last year I saw they also have chestnuts with xocolate and two or three more varieties, but I think the normal one it's sweet enough, and if you add other flavours it wouldn't have that chestnut flavour which I love. In conclusion, if you love chestnuts, you'll love Marrón Glacé.

If you're one of my snail mail friends and you want to try something, just let me know. I'm planning to send an special mail for Christmas (nothing big, don't panic) and I'd like to know if you're interested in trying some Spanish food. Feel free for asking something else if you want anything special.

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