martes, 29 de octubre de 2013


I've just realized I didn't talk about London. I went a couple of times and spent just 3 or 4 days there. But I loved it so much. It's an incredible city and I'd like to go again, hopefully we'll spend a weekend soon if I can manage for keeping our low budget.

It was last January when I first saw London, it was not too cold, it didn't rain and I had my camera with me all the time. I was so impressed that I couldn't stop taking pics of everything. I love the details on the buildings and street lights. It's a cliché that "London is expensive", but I didn't expend much. You can just see the free buildings and walking around, eating sandwich and soup and walk everywhere and that's all, ha ha!

Did I ever tell you I have a doors collection? When I see a door I like I take a pic and I have many of them classified by places and dates. In London though, I didn't find many doors for my collection.

I was thinking of paying the 8 pounds for the tickets to visit Sherlock Holmes museum. But, when I saw the HUGE queue outdoors, I changed my mind. We came into the shop, which is also very cute, and I bought a couple of souvenirs and a pen (of course). It was a really comfortable place and I took many many photos.

We went to Minamoto Kitchoan and I bought some delicious Japanese desserts. Gosh, I want to eat them all again. The shop was like a little Japan spot in the city center of London. Quite expensive, but worth it. 

I'll better write some more posts about London, because this one could be enormous! I have so many photos and places I want to share with you. Anyway, the best thing for me and Mr Glass was walking along the Thames. We saw a nicely decorated boat-restaurant called Hispaniola with all the coloured lights on with the London Eye in the background. There were also some lovely benches for you to take a breath watching the beautiful Thames

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  1. I want to visit London! I appreciate that you know how to enjoy walking a city and enjoying it completely without having to spend lots of money. I think that is a gift to be able to do that. Often times we want to be entertained by spending, but a good walk has so many things in store for us if we're willing to see it! x

    1. Agreed! Sometimes I have the shopping fever, I think it's something normal due to all the ads and brainwashing we get from the big companies. When that happens I just think: "You can buy it anytime online" and then my responsable consumist interior voice says: "That's too expensive and you don't need it". That's my trick for enjoying big cities!