viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Pretty things to infinite... and beyond

I know, I know, this is not for buying now. It's just one of my lists of "wow" things. I'd like to have them all, of course, but I'm happy just looking at them from time to time. Maybe, if you're looking for a special gift it'll be useful for you, who knows. I'm thinking of doing a lovely carefully selected items series. Maybe just lovely items, and all you secretly know they're careful and specially selected for their art, quality and respectful with the environment. I think it could be a good idea now that Christmas is coming.

I had the brilliant idea of tidy up all the links from my wish list today. I wanted to separate the books from all the other stuff. And I found these lovely things that I have forgotten. Do you know Liekeland? I love the illustrations, but it's a shame they don't have all them printed at the moment. My fave are these foxes, but I can't afford them.  Anyway they do an incredible artwork in each piece. I'd love to have one of their mugs, but they're not making more at the moment. I'm happy they have a website where I can see all their illustrations. Oh, and this is a must see if you like watching artist working.

Maybe you don't know but I'm crazy about stationery. Really crazy. I know it's something I have to work on. I can't have so many pens and notebooks and stickers, I don't really need them. But, well, I'm not going to excuse myself. I have to work on it, that's all. But, it's nothing bad in having a notebook list or just looking for hours pretty notebooks, right? These notebooks are just perfect for birding!

You don't know how I miss UK. Here, pretty notebooks are so expensive. In UK they are not cheap but cheaper than in Spain. They do sales in stationery stuff, sales! When I came back to Spain my suitcase was plenty of craft supplies, pens, notebooks, stickers and more notebooks. Really, the first time I saw a stationery shop in Nottingham I called my mum and told her (she's also a stationery crazy lady). When it was really cold we went to the shopping center and walked around. Mr Glass went to the DVD's shops (much much cheaper than here) and I went to the stationery department. I could spend hours there just looking the huge selection of notebooks and sweet goodies. Man, in UK they do know how to do a present, they even had matching boxes, wrapping paper and ribbons. Come back Blanca, come back. Well, now I made my own wrapping paper with my self-made stamps, so it's ok.

Next pretty things will be about books, and get ready because I have over 20 books in my wish list!!

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