jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Street cats

I always loved animals and I always will. I guess that's why I always feel worry for street animals. I know some cats can be happy outside and you see them having fun and all that. But three weeks ago I saw a cat outside and he didn't look happy, not at all.

I saw him when I was on my way to get the train. It was quiet and nobody was around, he was half asleep and I thought maybe he was hanging out and then he'll come back home. When I came back, one week later, I saw him again. He looked scared and nervous and looking for some water inside a fountain. My first thought was: if he had a home he wouldn't be looking for water. So I put some milk in the fire and then went outside with the hot milk. He was really scared but I just left the milk and sat five metres away. He drank almost all the milk and then hide under a car. Then I bought some cat's food and treats and, during a week, I fed him. He meowed when he saw me and he got closer, but never too close.

Last Sunday it was a kind of festival and they arrange some firecrackers. As it was just one man with all the sand and stuff, the cat got closer to the sand, the man scared him because he didn't want the cat near the fire. But the cat got into a strange ventilation shaft. He was there until they set all on fire and all the firecrakers exploded just next to the cat's hideout. I hate firecrakers. It's like shots, I don't see the fun in small, but still dangerous, explosions.

It's been four days without see him.

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