miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Stationery Wish List

I know, my notebooks drawer is full and I don't allow myself to get more notebooks for me. But, let me tell you, little girl inside my head, that when I came back from Nottingham I had a gorgeous new notebook and I gave it to a little girl from the hospital where my mum works. And let me tell you one of my notebook inside that drawer is now flying to a new home. So now, I guess there's enough room for another gorgeous special one.

You got me, I'm trying to convince myself to buy one of these notebooks. But... but... I saw these notebooks in Nottingham, and they reminds me how happy and inspired I was there, how many good moment with friends, the first snow in my whole life, the woolen jumpers everyday and everywhere. Did I convince you?
Find it here

Find it here

And, what about this "To Do List"? It's perfect for me, I'm the master of the procrastination, so I'm sure I'll be using that do later check many times.
Find it here

And last but not least (I'm fond of this expression, it sounds much better in English than Spanish) these small notebooks with vinyl case -vinyl case!!!- are perfcect for my future selfgift. Yes I fimally bought the bag , it's the most useful right now.

Find them here and feel free to send me one as a present :)

Conclusion: you can give me anything from boygirlparty and I'll be as happy as the moon. Did you listen, Mr Glass??

2 comentarios:

  1. Hihi, I'm all the same. I own so many notebooks and can't stop buying new one. In our next swap, I'm going to send you one of them. :D
    The things you've found are amazing. :D Especially that notebook. :D

    1. Haha, I didn't know you were from the stationery nerd club! A good friend just arrived from Korea and she sent me some pics from the shopping center, I'll get really crazy when I go there!