sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

Japanese Books

I'm thinking of buying some Japanese books after Christmas if the Three Wise Man don't bring them for me. I found Pomadour24 shop in Etsy and she has thousands of beautiful books. I chose some of my favourite ones to show you. She has so many that you'll find any book you need.

I love to embroider but I'm a beginner, but I'd love to learn more with this book. I'd love to do my own embroided cushions and I love those trees. I think I love big trees thanks to a book from my childhood. I don't remember the title but it was about some monkeys living inside a baobab. What colour would you choose? I'm not sure about this dark red. 

all photos are from Pomadour's Etsy shop

If you like bending paper this is your book. I love that it's not just pretty figures but also useful things like boxes for your presents. Coincidentally I have some new pretty origami papers.

This is something that will help me with my future eraser carving with cutter. I'm really interested in these cut papers. I think there's something popular in Japan, the paper cutting, as I've seen it in some series and animes. I love it because it's easy to keep and it doesn't need much space. You can frame it and change the design every now and then. It looks pretty and fun to do.

That looks impossible to me. I like crocheting, but I'm a begginer again, well, I think I'm a begginer in everything but carving stamps. I love those earring and they must be really light! But it looks really difficult to do (plus it's in Japanese, so you have to guess how to do it by the diagrams).

You won't hear me saying this in Spanish never, but this is so so so damn cute! I'd have this book just for the photos, I don't mind if I'll be able to do that super cute felted animals. But, you, pen pals, will be so happy if I manage to do them, am I wrong? Ho, ho, ho.

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