martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

About two faced virtual beings

First of all let me tell you that I know I can be wrong. I hope to be wrong. But I wanted to talk about this because it looks like every friendly post is from a friendly blogger, and it's not. I'm saying that because it's not the first time I send a mail and I get no answer. And I'm talking about asking permission  for using photos or asking to illustrators if they want to work on my book. I can understand sometimes they don't check regulary their email, or it could be that my mail went directly to the spam box. But when even the the mailbox server is the same and you see they're updating and clearly online, it makes me feel dissapointed. Why do they have a "Please ask me if you want to use any of my photos"? In any case, it's wors for them because I'm not linking them.

I hope you didn't have many of those experiences. I know some blogs have a huge amount of readers, and maybe they have a sick quantity of incoming mails (that's why I always wait one month for the answer). But it makes a huge difference when you're reading a blog and you know that person didn't answer your question or didn't say you a word about using one of his/her photos. Suddenly you read everything thinking "well, you may think you're very kind for saying you love all your readers and so on, but it's not that true...". I try not to be rough on them, but I can't help it. I keep reading them, because I like their job, but I know they aren't as friendly as I though.

Maybe it's my problem because I though them to be nicer or better than they really are, or I idealised them. After all, I don't know them, I just know what they write about. But I'm an honest blogger and those are my feelings. I'm grateful that I made some good friends, and I know they're truthful. With them the virtual distance is not that big.

Anyway, I'm not giving up. I'll send one thousand email to illustrators, but meanwhile I'm learning to draw. Just in case nobody answer.

I'm not down or anything, I just wanted to say to the bloggers who really cares about the readers that you're doing a great job and I love to read all of you! So, for saying something good about all this matter and not ending with a bad feeling, here you have an art piece perfect for this post.

Photo source here

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